Kill bacteria

Bleach and iodine are not inefficient to kill bacteria, but they are when we talk about parasite eggs, bacteria is a living thing and can be killed, eggs are seeds: we can not kill them Detoxic Review, they can only be waste.

Oral antihistamines: the itching takes several weeks to disappear after the parasite is completely eliminated, so it is necessary for the doctor to prescribe a specific treatment to relieve it and avoid scratching. Antihistamines will be taken every day before bedtime Detoxic Review. Unfortunately, the most powerful also cause sleep and you have to be careful in people who drive machinery.

Corticosteroids: when antihistamines are not enough or can not be given, corticosteroids in cream will relieve the itching because they reduce the allergy. Only if the symptoms continue will corticosteroids be given orally.

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